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Basic Boy’s V-Neck Sweater Vest

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Since I have a nephew (yay!) and all my friends are having boys, I get to finally make boy stuff.  I think I’ll like the break from pink for a little while.

I was browsing around on the net and couldn’t quickly find a free sweater vest pattern that I liked so I created this one.  This vest is nice as it is or makes a wonderful canvass for a tummy design.  I made it a bit longer than what would be considered the norm for a 3 month old because my nieces and nephew seem to be longer in the torso than most patterns allow for…or they wear their pants low.  I intend to adjust this pattern for larger sizes in the future.

I would consider this a novice level knit.  I assume the knitter is comfortable with simple increases and decreases, picking up stitches and casting off.

The Bunny looks spiffy in this sweater vest

With stripes and a cross stitch dragon

The same vest with stripes and a cross stitch dragon

Anyhooo, if you’d like to use my pattern, you can download it for free in pdf format.


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  1. Finally a boys vest pattern! I have searched high and low to no avail. When you create a larger version please please send to me.

  2. I agree..can you design one with sleeves? my grandsons (age 4 and 6) have asked me to make them one

  3. This is exactly what I want – very simple vest – BUT in a toddler size 4 !!!! I’ve looked and looked at many links and they’re either cable or very fancy or too big!!! Thanks

  4. Thank you! I just found your pattern and it is perfect!

  5. Many thanks – your pattern is much appreciated ….
    Anne – australia 🙂

  6. I love this pattern and am hoping you can adapt it for a size 6 -thanks

  7. I really like this pattern but I need it to fit a 6 month old. Would there be any way to make it to fit that size?

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  9. Help!!!! I am a beginner knitter who has only ever knitted hats and scarves so am knitting an item of clothing for the first time. this requires attempting new things. So far so good but I have become stuck at the neckband stage. I have looked up how to pick up and knit stitches but every tutorial picks them up from right to left and yours calls for me to do it the other way around. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Someone please help. I’m so close…,

    • As long as you have the right side of your work facing you, you are picking up the stitches from right to left for the neckband.

      Sew what would be the right shoulder seam as though you were wearing the vest. It helps me sometimes if I hold the pieces against my chest to make sure I have the correct shoulder. Then turn the vest so that the outside (the side you want the world to see) is facing you and pick up and knit stitches along the edge. In this case, the first edge you would be picking up would be the left hand neck edge but you are still picking up from right to left.

      I hope that helped. If are still stuck, lemme know.

  10. Thx so much! just what I was looking for!

  11. I would like that larger boys sleeveless vest pattern please. So hard to find one. My Grandson lives in NZ and loves the knitted Vest over skivvies. S. Huddart

  12. Did you ever complete a pattern for larger sizes? I am love this vest but my little man is 2.

  13. I am searching for a sleeveless vest all over until I come to your site, my grandson is 5 years old, can you please send me a pattern for a 5 year old? Or maybe refer me to someone that can help me with a pattern? Thanks a million, may I ask to send to my email address? Regards dalene

  14. Nancy bazilian

    Might you have basic v neck vest for a five year old boy in worsted weight? i cannot find one anywhere…thanks so much….Nancy b

  15. Did you ever design the larger size pattern?


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