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Basic Boatneck Doll Sweater Worksheet

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Here is a worksheet that I wrote for my Mother-in-law to learn how to knit simple sweaters for my niece’s doll.  This worksheet can also be used for basic sweaters for newborns as well.

This is a good way for a beginner to learn how to calculate some of the dimensions of a sweater based on only three measurements.


You can use the worksheet for free by downloading the pdf file.


Basic Boy’s V-Neck Sweater Vest

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Since I have a nephew (yay!) and all my friends are having boys, I get to finally make boy stuff.  I think I’ll like the break from pink for a little while.

I was browsing around on the net and couldn’t quickly find a free sweater vest pattern that I liked so I created this one.  This vest is nice as it is or makes a wonderful canvass for a tummy design.  I made it a bit longer than what would be considered the norm for a 3 month old because my nieces and nephew seem to be longer in the torso than most patterns allow for…or they wear their pants low.  I intend to adjust this pattern for larger sizes in the future.

I would consider this a novice level knit.  I assume the knitter is comfortable with simple increases and decreases, picking up stitches and casting off.

The Bunny looks spiffy in this sweater vest

With stripes and a cross stitch dragon

The same vest with stripes and a cross stitch dragon

Anyhooo, if you’d like to use my pattern, you can download it for free in pdf format.

Tetris Blanket

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When I found out I was having a nephew, I immediately went on the search for a fun and colourful blanket to make for him.  I found a free pattern on for a Tetris blanket.  I’ve always liked Tetris and, in fact, have been decently good at it.  I decided I needed to make a Tetris blanket for baby Éamonn.

While I think the blanket made by GracieLou is lovely, I wanted to make something with bright, bold colours and with black spacers…like a board would look like if I were to actually play Tetris.  So I went ahead and played some Tetris.  I took a screen capture of my game and decided that was what I would knit.

This is what was created:

Tetris Blanket

Finished Tetris Blanket (pre-blocking)

If you would like to follow my pattern, feel free.  Just click this link to download it.

Bella’s Lace Shrug

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For the past few years I have been developing my own knitting patterns inspired by what I see.  This is pretty cool right?  Yeah I thought so too.  The worst part about this sort of adhoc knitting is that it’s hard to duplicate something I’ve knit.  My family and friends have asked me many times why I don’t write the pattern down as I go.

I have tried to write them down, really I have.  In fact, I have a number of patterns I’ve started but then got caught up in the knitting and forgot to finish documenting.  So, painfully, I am going back and writing up my designs from the pictures that I took of the finished item or from memory.

This will be my first posted pattern.  I would classify it as an easy knit which can be completed in an evening and would make a good garment for people just starting lace-work (like me!).

I made this shrug for my niece Annabelle and will give it to her on her 2nd birthday in August.  I think it would be nice for a summer evening or a chilly morning.

Bella's Lace Shrug

Bella's Lace Shrug

Download the pattern in pdf format.

My First Post

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This is just the first post on this blog.  I’ll be using it to post my original knitting patterns so I can link them on Ravelry.

All content will be my own work unless stated as a variation of another pattern (which will be sited).